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Forum Business Center, always improving.

We opened new facilities and want to share this update with you because we work to improve the experience of all our customers. We have worked hand in hand with our interior decorator to upgrade the reception and the rest of our center, providing a contemporary and modern style that will welcome you in the best way possible.

Business centers, a good starting point for freelancers..

More and more entrepreneurs choose to host their activity in the business center, a business space that provides savings of up to 76% oftheir fixed costs. In times such as these, with huge financial pressure on hundreds of thousands of small businesses and freelancers, any cost savings is surely welcome.

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Business Centers are quality scored.

A logo similar to the symbol of geolocation in a silver-grey with and “e”, which stands for excellence, and the ACN initials at the bottom represents the badge for certified Business Centers. Forum Business Centeris currently categorised as a four-star certificationcenter.

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What advantages does a business centerover a traditional office?

What are the differences compared to a traditional office rental? Is it right for my company? What is a virtual office? These and more questions we consider very important, if you’re looking to re-locate your business, the Spanish Association of business centers (ACN) answer these questions and more in the article below.

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Madrid, the fourth international financial center.

The capital’s financial district is still maintaining itsstatus despite the continuing financial crisis. The centre of Madrid has become the very heart of Madrid’s economy and, by extension, the Spanish economy as a whole. The latest report on the financial sector of the Community of Madrid reveals that it generates an annual GDP of 2,820 million euros, representing 1.41% of regional GDP.

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